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At Agent Smart Home, we believe a house can’t be smart if it’s not healthy. But how do you create a healthy home? Through intelligence. By partnering with Delos, global pioneers in home wellness intelligence, Agent Smart Home allows you to create healthful, calming, and efficient living and working environments designed to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.

Environments Make The DifferenceOver 90% of Our Lives are Spent Indoors

Today, we spend more time inside our homes and offices than ever before. That’s why Agent Smart Home is dedicated to creating an ideal living and work environment that integrates health and wellness with advanced intelligence technology, allowing you to relax and feel confident that your home and business are always under your control.

Better Life QualityEvidence Based Decisions to Inform Our Solutions

Delos elevates health and wellbeing as central values in the spaces where we live, work, sleep and play. Agent Smart Home has partnered with Delos because of their commitment to continuous investments in research that innovate and evolve our wellness intelligence network, and help foster improved health outcomes in an increasingly conscious world.


Protecting Family, Friends & Co-WorkersSolutions for the New Normal

Agent Smart Home is designed to give you everything you need to create a safe home and commercial environment. We offer the most innovative and sophisticated technological advancements in security, health and wellness, entertainment, and energy to ensure your home or business is efficient and secure.
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Healthy Ecosystems for Daily Life


Our Agent Smart Home products are designed to give you the finest wellness, security, entertainment, and energy options on the market, ensuring your home is always safe, efficient, and healthful.


Agent Smart Home’s innovative products and filtration systems are designed to create a safe, calming, and healthy environment for employees and customers to enjoy.


Agent Smart Home provides innovative solutions designed specifically to keep your guests and patrons safe and healthy at all times.